I really use to NOT believe that the *parents think so stupidly* because they’re the previous generation was kind of hulabaloo, at least for my dad. But the last two weeks have just smacked the truth in my face.

Literally if this fifth wheeler things doesn’t play out like I want, i.e. me getting it, then I’m just saving to move out and dealing while I can. I mean even the prospect of living on the property is depressing after thinking about how cool it’d be to, y’know, live on my own!!!

I was told about another set of apartments based on income that I didn’t know about. Gonna look into them, they’re closer to where I actually live now. So maybe I’ll find something. IDK.

I’m so hungry for it now, it makes me excited. I’m still trying to accept the idea of it, so you’ll hear a lot of mind changing, but on the whole I want out of here.

I got at my dad’s throat last night about his rant on rent “Don’t see the point, throwing away money”

I finally said “Well, a lot of people don’t have a choice.” And he tried to tell me he did. And I’m like??? I would much rather being paying rent on a lease that’ll be up in a year, than be married to a fucking piece of property for 10 years of my life. What the fuck.

Literally these old fucks don’t fucking understand. And besides, I was like you don’t gotta worry about crap. Leaky pipe? Landlord’s problem. No lawn (if an apartment), etc. Like fuck. You are so obsessed with owning shit. And literally money is pieces of paper. I mean yeah we depend on this paper to sustain our lives, but there’s always more to made. Literally the last thing I think about as far as rent is concerned is “throwing away money” I only worry about, will I still be cushiony not to have to fret that I’m using my last dime on rent.

I can always make more money, sheesh.

was gonna try and watch one more ep of nar but i’m sitting here with heavy eyelids… but i know getting this much sleep i’m gonna wake up drowsy again and grumpy ugh

and thinking on it some more (i’m such a flake) this weekend when i’m of sound mind, i will sit down and do the math, once i see the figures maybe, i might try to live on my own.

maybe make a deal with my dad?

find a place, sign the lease… if once the lease is up i’m done with the real world, come back, at least i’ll have had my taste???

if not and i enjoy it and don’t care about it then it’s cool

i think that’s a good plan

but i still gotta save a hecka lot so this test run of life might not happen until after next summer aburamechan

i need figure estimates, about how much do you pay monthly for water and power?




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monkeys would be cool, but i would vote for tigers because of the fist things she did :O!

*looks into camera like i’m on the office*

how did i not think about that??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? this is why you’re my friend

thank you very much friend this chANGES THE WHOLE GAME OMFG

my art teacher lady couldn’t find the drawing tablet which is ok, i wasn’t depending on getting one from her, but if i want to pay of the credit card i’ll have to wait until the 15th for one

then hopefully i can start drawing fanart for presents

"here’s a just because OTP NSFW" *throws it into your submission box*

i can’t wait to start drawing naked people


idk now not moving out of here makes me feel sad lol

maybe i’ll take another school year to super save, like put no money into the house, and then when i’ve got like 5k saved try and move out? idk life is so… stress inducing, baby steps i guess

But my sister is being put into like a program where she’s gonna get help learning to be an adult? Her case worker and psychologist decided this, because her mother can’t treat her like an adult. She’s pretty hyped about it, and I am too, because this means she’ll get to learn what she needs to… because even if I could teach it to her, I’m not sure I’d be able to teach it to her the right way.

And maybe when she’s ready to get a place, we will. I mean, I sure’d like to.