me 200 years ago: such and such actor is just... i'm creaming right now omfg
certain person: ugh ew ew ew ew
status of same person today that i see after rejoining facebook: oh my gosh my *fave celeb crush* is gonna play one of my fave fictional characters drooooool! (same as aforementioned)

I found an amazing deal on a 3-in-1 stick vacuum… and before tax it’s less than twenty dollars.

Twenty fucking dollars. So I checked the review. It’s been reviewed by a shitload of people and it seems legit. FOR LESS THAN TWENTY DOLLARS.

I will cry so bad if this thing is legit. I have a shop vac, but I really do not want to be on my hands an knees to vacuum the entirety of this thing.

It’s small, sure, yeah… but no.

I won’t even have to use the shop vac, because of the 3-in-1 deal. It’s a hand held, upright, and then you can just take the handle off with the floor nozzle.

But the hand held (plus attachments!!!) is gonna come in so handy for the furniture I got.

It’s also in stock at my local store. So Friday I’m gonna get a vacuum.

It might have been a store bought, Publix brand empanada

and it might have been microwaved


i love empanadas~

They’re called Mexican petunias, but they’re a Category I invasive species… I would feel bad… but they’re so pretty!!! I see them everywhere, though, so I don’t think it’s widely known that they’re invasive… I’ll just get a shit load of wild flower seeds. Maybe the Nature Center nearby will have info.

I think that I’m done. Officially done with my cousin. Not that I care about Christmas, but like she seriously treats me like if I do for you, you gotta do for me, and I’m just fucking over it.

me: walks into living room
dad: [to me] a young fertile female, you don't know how much i've been craving that in my life (referring to one of his xbox friends)
me: walks out of living room